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Strength Folding Electric Fat Bike - STT

Color :


Hub Motor
1300W (Peak) 1000W (Sustained)
48V/15Ah(720Wh)  lithium battery


35~55 miles (57~90 km)

LCD display with USB charging
Thumb throttle
US standard 2.0 A smart charger
Pedal Assist
3, 5, 7, or 9 levels (default 5)
Crank Set
210mm w/52T
6061 Aluminium
CST 20"*4.0 Fat Tire
Shimano M310 8- Speed 
Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes 180mm
Front Fork
Suspension with Adjustable Lockout
Heavy duty aluminum
12-32T 8-Speed
Wellgo Aluminum Platform
Soft and comfortable
Front Light
48V LED light
Rear Light
Integrated Taillight
Up to 32 MPH
Water resistant connectors and wiring harness
Double Wall Magnesium Alloy Wheels
Battery, charger, assembly guide, user manual

Tesgo ebikes are built to the IPX6 water-resistant standard. IPX6 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. Which means it’s OK to ride or park your ebike in the rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your ebike is not intended to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your ebike.


Handlebar Height 48-53" Seat Max Height 40.15"
Handlebar Width 26'' Seat Min Height 32.30"
Top Tube 26.37" Foldable Size 40.55"*19.68"*31.49"
Standover Height 27.17" Wheel Diameter 20"
Head Tube 6.49“ Total Length 70”
Chain Length 16.53" WheelBase 47.24"
Bike Weight 66.2 lbs Package Weight 88.2 lbs
 Load Capacity 330 lbs Rider Heights 5'3"- 6'4"

Download The Ebikes Owner's Manual here: Strength-STT Manual

Download LCD Owner's Manual here: YL80C Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I ended up getting the STT model, The STT has great acceleration for crossing the busy streets. The front suspension is adequate for city trails and light gravel. The display is bright and easy to read. Assembling the bike only took a few minutes. Adjusting the bike for my short wife was easy and she likes the geometry.
Unlike bikes from other manufacturers this bike has fenders and they do good job keeping the splashes off of her. Now I am a little jealous because my wife has a better ebike than me. Warning If your not experienced with power bike, you may get run over by your own bike. Please be sure to research the advanced settings and adjust them to your safe limit. Once you are experienced then you can turn it up.
For the money this is a good bike.

Sean M

I had researched a lot of bikes before purchasing this one and when I saw the specs, the design, I went for it. I have not had it long, but I am going out every day and loving it. In saying this, I did have to do some minor tweaking, which was fairly easy to do as the LCD KDS986 display setting adjustments are easy to change and if you do something that is off, one click of a factory reset, brings it back to where it was. I have pretty well got the tweaking perfected, thanks to other reviews and my own experience. Check out Jeremiah Macintosh's YouTube review. He was spot on with the minor tweaking. I also took pictures and posted the PAS settings and the voltage setting as a reference. Until Tesgo revises the settings, the voltage on the 5th level needs to be raised to 54.6 volts, other wise, the charging level is quite a bit off. It will still show a full charge after several miles of use and the battery percentage level fluctuates greatly when there is a load on it for say going up a hill. The raising the voltage to 54.6 showed a more accurate reading of the battery charge in percentage remaining. I also noticed that the specifications that Tesgo is showing for pedal assist is just 3 modes. There is actually a few pedal assist modes. You have a choice of 3, 5 and 9 pedal assist modes as Tesgo is listing the wrong LCD display for the Tesgo STT. The LCD display is the LCD KDS986, it is far superior than the YL80C display that they have listed, the YL80C display is for the Tesgo 750 Hummer and other models. It is still a good LCD display, but it does not have all the features of the KDS986. The LCD KDS986 display has the ability to decrease or increase the pedal assist ranges by percentages as shown in the picture I posted. I have mine in 5 pedal assist modes. For pedal assist 1 and 2, I lowered the percentage settings to 31% for pedal assist 1 and 43% for pedal assist 2. The default speed ranges for pedal assist 1 and 2 are in my opinion and that of others, a little too high; especially when e-biking in wooded, twisting trails and for following slower 500w e-bikers. As for pedal assist 3 to 5, there was no need to change the settings.. you can safely enjoy the take off from pedal assist 3 through 5, the acceleration is amazing and I got up hills with ease!
Oh yes.. I have a size 12 shoe. My foot was constantly hitting the cable connectors from the controller cable to the hub controller. It disconnected after just 10 miles of uses and I lost all power to the hub. This was troubling to see on a new bike and not so easy to resolve right away. Once I figured out what was wrong, it was to simply reconnected the cables again. After this happened again, I ended up getting electrical tape and wrapping the tape around the rear, lower frame a few times around where the cable connection was being disconnected. I've now done over 130 kms, no issues. The 25 cents worth of electrical tape fixed the disconnection, but Tesgo should address this, as this was not easy to diagnose right away and some people may not figure out the root cause right away.
That was it for the minor tweaking. Everything else on this bike exceeds expectations. The DYIsland hydraulic braking system is superior to any other e-bike I have seen in this price range. I never heard of DYIsland brakes until this bike came along, but from what I can see, this will blow the doors off other hydraulic braking system competitors. The 180mm disk rotors look to be twice the thickness of most rotors. The braking response is smooth and can be quick. Other things I liked about this bike was the welding on the frame. It's an aluminum frame, but could pass for a carbon bike with the near perfect welds. In saying that, this is not a light bike. It is 66 pounds, 75 with the almost 9 pound battery. For transporting this in my SUV, I use a $30 sled. I lean the sled on the edge of my tailgate and the other end of the sled on the ground. Whether you fold up the e-bike or not, just laying it down on the sled, gives all the leverage you need to pick up the sled with the ebike on it and then slide it into your SUV. So no expensive, robust bike rack required, a folding e-bike can save you $500.00 right there. So what else can I add? The maximum speed is 25 mph, not the 32 mph that Tesgo lists. I tried to raise it in the settings out of curiosity, it did not work, but realistically, the 25 mph is plenty fast. I went e-biking with a group of e-bikers that could only hit 20 mph. Where the STT really shows it's 1000w power is when there are challenging hills. This took me up the hills so easily. The other e-bikers I was with, were wowed by the Tesgo STT performance.
I think that is about it.. To all those who decide on this bike, it's a fun bike to ride.


All in all this is a good value, has a lot of stock features the others don’t and the ride is very comfortable, just a few minor issues with software or battery that I hope will be fixed with a firmware update one day.
Customer service is very good, they took care of a shipping issue incredibly fast and answered subsequent questions within a few hours.
This bike is raring to go, just make sure you are on the bike and ready with the brake on before you turn the computer on, it will take off on you which happened to me a couple of times. The last time caused me to wipe out pretty hard before I was on and ready, causing some damage to the handle bars and a few bruises. I won’t make that mistake again. Another possible software or battery issue is when starting with 100% charge the battery level doesn’t decrease accurately, meaning it will go from 100% to 80% to 60% etc very rapidly; and when beginning a ride, a few miles must elapse or a certain amount of battery power used for it to start registering down from 100%, sometime it will still be in the 90-80% range when it does register but slightly inconvenient. This caused an issue for me on a long ride of 18 miles in moderately hilly terrain. The computer showed 60% after riding at least 14 miles, then all of a sudden went down to 40% then very quickly to 30% and I was still miles from home. When the battery got down to 23%, which didn’t take but a few minutes, I turned off the computer because I did not want it to drain it to 0.
This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, it’s still a well-made bike, carries a big guy like me of 240 pounds without a problem up some pretty steep hills and looks better than most bikes out there.
One more minor issue that can be fixed with strong cable ties is that while peddling, the right heel rubs against the power cable which will disconnect losing all power. I also found that replacing the awful folding stock pedals with slightly longer, lighter and more knobby mountain bike pedals ($25) helped my ankle clear the cable but you do have to consciously keep your right inner heel away from the frame.
Stock seat wasn’t too bad but I upgraded it, along with a shock absorbing seat post and better light at the front, stock light works great but not terribly bright. Brakes are really good and even the low end Shimano components should last.
I highly recommend the Tesgo SST with its flaws, I doubt any e-bike out there in this price range is perfect.

Donald Bruce Pike, Jr.

This bicycle is a very good value, I love the 1000w motor, this is the point I purchased. And actually, the bike is fast than I thought. I love it so much. And the gray color is my favorite. I want to buy the black one first, but I got the gray one. It is so much better than I expect. I will ride it every week for a short trip with my friends. We are lovers of riding. And purchasing the 1000w electric bike is the best choice I made I made. Also, I want to thank you for the seller service, they help a lot. Thanks. I have recommended my friend for this bike. Hope you all will have this great bike.

Great bike

A nice looking bike and comfortable to ride. Put about 80 kms on it so far. It can get to 45 km/h, pulling 1000 watts and that's it. Believe it had more but the speed and power are limited at the controller. Still happy with it.
Really impressed with how well it pulls uphill.
Seems VERY touchy with starting out from a stop using the pedals. Best idea to get going is to use the throttle to start moving and THEN start pedaling. Always keep your hands on the brakes so if the bike starts to get away from you, and that will happen very quickly, you can disable the motor and stop with the brakes.
Overall, very happy with the bike and look forward to more rides.

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